Declaration about privacy and security ofpersonal data

Humani studio attaches great importance to the protection of personal information of our visitors. This Privacy Policy implemented by Humani studio regulates the relationship to the information we collect through our website.

Personal information is the information that can identify you, such as your first name, phone number or email address (below: personal information).

Browsing our internet station is anonymous and we do not collect data that would allow yourpersonal identification. But Humani studio automatically collects information about your computer. These data may include your IP address, browser type, country, platform you are using, access time. These data are used by Humani studio to collect statistical data, analyze visitors and improve access to the page.

Humani studio may, in special cases, collect personal information when this information is required when using the contact form. On that occasion, the purpose of collecting personal data is precisely determined and this data can not be used for other purposes. These data may include your name, surname, email address, age, phone number and reason why you need therapist.

Humani studio undertakes not to make any personal data available to third parties in any way, but will delete it once the data is collected. Your freedom of choice is whether or not you will give us your information in such a case.

By entering the required information in the fields provided for this, you acknowledge that you have given the privilege that you have voluntarily provided your information and that you allow it to be used for the purposes for which the data are provided.

At any time, you have the right to inspect, correct, supplement, or delete the data provided. At any time, you have the right to waive the right to process your information and request the termination of their further processing. We keep your personal information as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose of data collection.

Humani studio uses cookies. According to the EU rules, we are obliged to request your consent. By using our site, you agree to use cookies.

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer while surfing the internet, usually when you first visit a web site. Websites using cookies can remember your activity or settings and the next time you visit the same page, they can automatically apply them. The website "knows" that you've been here already and in some cases adjusts what you see on the screen. They can be used to save the form you have filled out. Generally speaking, the purpose of the cookie is good-natured, not harmful and can not handle viruses and allow the user to have a better surf experience. Cookies do not contain information that can identify you, so your privacy is protected.

Humani studio invests great efforts to ensure the security of personal data and to protect itself against loss, destruction, counterfeiting and unauthorized access to data as well as unauthorized disclosure¨.


In order to make this site more enjoyable, functional and convenient, this website saves a certain amount of information on your computer, so-called cookies. They serve to make the site work optimally and to enhance your browsing and use experience. By visiting and using this website, you agree to use cookies that can be blocked. After that you will still be able to view the webpage but some features will not be available.

What is cookies?

The cookie is part of the information stored on your computer, cell phone or tablet, which can be delivered directly from the web site you visit (first-party cookies) or in collaboration and for the needs of third-party websites (third party cookies). Cookies usually save your settings, web site settings, etc. Once you open a webpage again, your web browser sends back the cookies that belong to this site. This allows the page to display information tailored to your needs. Cookies can have a wide range of information, including a piece of personal information. Such information can only be saved if you enable it. The same web site can not access the information that you have not provided and can not access any other file on your computer.

How to disable them?

If you want to disable the saving of cookies on your computer, you can do so. The act of blocking itself may have a negative impact on the use of the website. To disable cookies, you need to set the settings and configurations of your web browser. In the browser menu, select help and information about the cookies and follow the instructions.

What are Temporary Cookies?

Temporary cookies or cookies are removed from your computer when you close your browser. With them, websites store temporary data.

What are permanent cookies?

Permanent or saved cookies remain on your computer after you close the Internet browser program. With them, websites store information such as login name and password, so you do not have to sign in for each visit to a particular location.

More about the cookies you can read here: