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Humani studio - psihoterapija Zadar

Humani studio association is a place of psychotherapy support in Zadar, Croatia.

psihoterapija Zadar

About psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a process by which we discover our hidden capacities. Often, in the present moments, we are inhibited by our past experiences, which is why it is important to perceive them and give them some new, closer meaning to us. For a good therapeutic relationship, with an experienced and educated psychotherapist, confidence is very important, and that is gained after a certain number of sessions. Psychotherapy is not an instant solution, but once the change is initiated, it is unstoppable and positive. Matters of heart and soul do seek their time.

  • Concerning psychotherapy session

    Psychotherapy session lasts for fifty minutes. At the first session, all the relevant information about the client is used by the psychotherapist for their future quality work. In the subsequent sessions, psychotherapeutic work is being launched, in which the client is met with the essential topics he/she is facing. During the session, we are using conversation as the main method, but often, there are other methods of psychotherapy; dream analysis, work on body feelings, experiments with a chair, etc.

  • Duration of psychotherapy

    The duration depends on the age, the issues and the needs of the client. Sometimes it takes only few sessions so the client can gain a clear insight into a life situation, while for the other, a bit deeper subjects require more work, a couple of months and more. Psychotherapy can be used as a one-time help in a particular life crisis but also as a lifelong tool for a more successful life.

  • Session cost

    The hour of individual psychotherapeutic sessions in Zadar (Gestalt course) ranges ranges from 50 € and higher.

    *In order for the therapeutic process to be successful, it is advisable to attend psychotherapy once a week (in case of crisis situations twice a week), but very good results can be achieved even when the therapy is performed each two weeks.

    * Cancellation of the session (except in justified emergencies) must be made no later than the day before the agreed date. If the session has not been canceled on time, it will be charged.


*Opening hours for the appointment arrangements: Monday to Friday, 09h-13h